Golf Swing Technique – How to Fix a Hook in Your Golf Swing

golf-banner-2-580x300The most common problem with amateur golf swings is a slice. However, there are those of us who hook the ball. As everything else in a golf swing, this could be caused by many things. There are two common factors that we can look at for a cause. They are the swing path and the club face at contact. I will touch on these in this article and give you a couple of quick fixes to help cure your hook.

I cannot see your swing and analyze a specific problem, but using the two basic causes I will give you a couple of quick fixes without you having to change your swing. These tips from are proven with a lot of my seasoned golfers who have swung the same way for so long they just can’t (won’t) change the way they hit the ball. For your club face we will adjust your grip and for your swing path we will adjust your stance. Two simple cures for a hook, now let’s start with your grip.


What Are Unique Golf Gifts For Dad?

Choosing the right golf gifts for dad should not be a daunting task. However, we cannot dismiss the fact that buying gifts, specifically for a dad who loves golf can sometimes prove to be difficult. If you are not very knowledgeable about golf, you might end up buying things he already have or things he might not even use. Golf gifts can also be very expensive, especially premium items like golf bags. With patience and some guidance, you can get a perfect gift for your dad. One great idea is to give unique golf items that he can use in his game or have on display. He will surely love these items.Golf-Gift-Baskets

Unique gifts come in different sizes and shapes. It can be personalized golf gifts for dad, a humorous gift or something that can help your dad with his swing. What’s special with unique gifts is that they can be custom-made and personalized. This can include personalized golf tees, towels, golf caps and club head covers. You can also give a golf club designed pens, golf ball alarm clock, golf mugs and other novelty items that would remind him of his favorite sport. There are also golf gift items that are made to make your dad smile or laugh. You can get him funny golf slippers or joke golf balls. Your dad will surely appreciate these gifts no matter how small or big they are.

You can also give him movies and books about golf. These golf gifts for dad are not only informative, they can also be entertaining. It doesn’t necessarily have to be about the technical aspects of golf. You can get either comedy movies about golf or a book that provides a list of the best golfers or best places to play. Unique golf gifts for dad can also include a tour to scenic golf courses. Search books or magazines for the best golf courses and you can take your dad for a game. You can also give him the golf analyzing software that can help him analyze his game and know where to improve on. Whether your dad is an amateur or a golf enthusiast, there is always a gift that is perfect for him.

Golf gifts for dad that can help him keep his things safe and organized are also cool unique ideas. You can get your dad a golf gear trunk organizer so he can stash all his stuff at his trunk without spilling out. These have compartments for his shoes, golf balls and golf tees. Some have multi-leveled zipper cases so he can put more stuff. A standing golf gear organizer is also a good gift idea so his golf things will not scatter around the house and he can keep all his things in a single place. These items are not expensive so both of you will be happy to give and receive.

Other best unique golf gifts for dad includes items that can help him practice his swing. Give him gears that he can use to practice at home. Putting cups are a good example of this. He can practice his swings anywhere, even at home by using these putting cups. You can also get a chipping net to help him practice his short shots. You can also add a birdie ball to your gift list for dad. This will serve as his training ball for his golf swings. A high tech pair of golf gloves will surely surprise your dad. These gloves will help improve your dad’s swing by keeping his hands in the right position and grip for the swing. These are good golf gifts for dad that are both unique and useful for golf lovers. will give the golf players the opportunity to utilize any type of golf equipment. You can also practice their golf game in their comfort.

Golf Tips to Improve Your Swing at the Driving Range

Driving-RangeIt’s hard to find time to practice you golf game when life gets in the way. And the million dollar question is, even if you can find the time to practice golf are you sure the practicing the correct things to improve your golf game?

Here are a few golf tips to help you make the most of your time at the driving range.

1) Identify Your Weaknesses and Practice That Aspect Of your Game. One of the biggest mistakes golfers make when practicing – is that they practice what they are good at. I’m guilty of this myself and it’s easy to understand. When I’m pounding the ball off of the tee, but putting poorly — It’s much more fun to drive a bucket of balls off of the golf mats, strike a pose and watch the ball sail a few hundred yards rather than head down to the putting green and get depressed missing a pile of four-footers.

2) Now that you have determined what it if that you want to practice you have to you need to determine practice drills that will help. I also like to come up with goals that indicate success. For example I’ll pledge not to leave the practice green until I make 8 out of ten putts from without leaving a putt short. This is where professional golf instruction will pay off – have your golf pro give you specific drills to work on during your practice session and keep a golf practice journal to chart your progress as well as struggles. One of the worst things you can do is practice in ignorance – you could actually be practicing and reinforcing your swing faults.

3) Practice at Home – Ask your instructor for golf drills that you can do at home (inside or in your backyard). Some drills can even be done without a club or ball (core weight transfer drills, one piece takeaway,…) There are some great golf practice mats available today that make it easy to work on your short game in the backyard to help develop touch around the green.

4) Practice at the office – If you have a casual office atmosphere, see if you can get an office putting green. We have a putt off every day we can at my office and chart the results on a calendar for all to see. The putts are 6-foot and in and usually we keep the putting mat flat. You wouldn’t believe the pressure – great practice for the real thing.

5) Seek Feedback – Get A Golf Mirror or have your Spouse or friend give you feedback. Sometime what we think we are doing in our mind is not at all what we are doing in reality. If your trying not to sway or dip or slide – ask for some feedback or get some other training aids that will tell you the truth.

6) Practice slowly and deliberately on the driving range. If your in full swing mode for example go through your whole routine – pre shot, address, practice swing, and swing. And then evaluate each shot and try and pick-up and flaws in your swing. The Same goes for putting drills on the practice green – approach each shot like it’s the real deal. This will increase your consistency dramatically when it’s time to take it to the course.

7) Journal – Journal – Journal – Journal your practice sessions and rounds played. Track fairways, greens in regulation, and putts at a minimum. And remember to practice the weak areas of your game. You may not see a drop in your scores right away, but stay with and I guarantee you will. A good positive measure is to to track your good holes for example how many pars, birdies, and bogies (depending on your handicap) did you get. If you better your good scores, your big numbers will also drop and you’ll start seeing better scores.

The writer of this article is the inventor and manufacturer of the Real Feel Golf Mat and other backyard golf practice aid which is available in this site